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We provide an outlet for manufacturers to sell what they don’t need, so that other manufacturers can buy it at lower costs, better quantities and shorter lead times. For that, we’ve created an easy-to-use online marketplace platform so you can source materials the same way you shop at home. We do all the heavy lifting in the background to guarantee you save money, make money or find the items you need when you need them.

Why? Because we too are manufacturing veterans who have felt the pains associated with sourcing materials. We wanted to help make your life easier, so we built this for you – enjoy.

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Whether you're looking for a specific material or trying to sell excess inventory, our team of experts is ready to help. We leverage the power of technology and high-end analytics to enhance material sourcing processes. We do all the heavy lifting to save you money and time – for free!

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Search our platform for a product you need. If you can't find it, our outreach team will find it for you. Once we've found it, we will work with you to get it from point A to point B right on time.

“I recently tried Material Exchange for the first time.
It made such sense to me, because I had some product that I knew was of value to someone. I hated
the thought of throwing it away, but I needed the space. It seemed like a waste of resources. Material
Exchange listed the product for me, and it sold to someone in one day. The value we received was very
fair, the buyer was able to save a nice chunk of money, and the shipping and payment process could not
have been easier. I will be using Material Exchange again in the very near future.”

Dave TheriaultPresident – Elite Envelope & Graphics, Inc.

“I’m pleased to share my recent experience with Material Exchange. I received a personal email from their team regarding paper that had become available on their platform. The price was almost 66% below market price. I immediately pounced on the chance to buy it knowing that I’d eventually see a call for it. The entire experience was positive from having a curated offer sent my way to how simple it was to make the purchase. There’s no doubt that when I see a great deal that matches my needs, I’ll be buying or possibly even selling through Material Exchange again.”

Ralph SalernoOwner – Keller Bros & Miller, Inc.

“Material Exchange saved me a ton of money and my material arrived the next day after I bought it. The time I put into buying 80# cover through them was minimal and the payment process is super simple. I would recommend to anyone who wants to save real cash in real time. Everyone should check for items on Material Exchange BEFORE placing orders, and I think if they don’t have it they’ll find it for you. 10 STARS!”

Eve CrawfordVP Finance – Jumbo Graphics Inc.

“I am new to using their platform but I was able to list several items very quickly and just recently sold my first item. It was a few rolls of Fasson film that I’d been storing in my warehouse for months. A couple days before I used Material Exchange to list it, I was ready to throw it in the dumpster. Instead, I took 56¢ on the dollar for the item and sold it in 5 days.”

Gene BrooksFloor Manager – DENBO Graphics

“I normally go directly to my supplier when I purchase paper, but a friend recommended I check Material Exchange’s inventory for a paperboard, so I did. They had it listed at about 45% of the full price and the item had never been opened. It was still sitting in the pallet untouched! Not only that, but the listing was for more sheets than I needed. Material Exchange arranged for a smaller amount to be shipped (exactly the amount we needed) and I got the rolls delivered in 2 business days via LTL. Super easy!”

Zak ReidOwner – PublicPress Co.

“I love material exchange. They made the impossible possible. I really needed 2,000 sheets of 5 mil high gloss over lam and their customer service rep went the extra mile to find it for me. He found it in California (I’m from NH), I received the package in just 4 business days. We finished the run and everyone was super happy with the service. Thanks guys!”

Jill GrahamPresident – Label Division G4

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