We take buyer and seller satisfaction very seriously πŸ”Ž

At Material Exchange, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with outstanding service. Because we care about your business, we have created our Complete Satisfaction Protection Program.

We understand that things can go wrong sometimes.

Therefore, in order to guarantee you are always satisfied with our service, we carefully assist in every transaction to make sure items are always what buyers expect. And, if they aren’t, we work diligently to make sure your material needs are taken care of.

72-hour inspection window to guarantee everything is 100% what you were expecting βœ…

At Material Exchange, we provide our buyers a 72-hour Inspection Period; it begins when the Buyer marks the item as received.Β The Buyer must then accept or reject the goods within this period.

If the Buyer has rejected the merchandise, the Material Exchange team will immediately initiate an investigation of the item’s condition before and after shipping. Additionally, and because we value your business, we offer buyers and sellers personalized attention to handle every transaction with the utmost care.

We hold the funds until the buyer approves the item πŸ’΅

Material Exchange may release funds to the Seller after the Inspection Period has ended. The Inspection Period is agreed upon by both parties per our Terms & Conditions and commences once the Buyer confirms receipt.

Funds are released to the Seller the same or next business day after successful completion of a transaction, once the Seller has provided their banking details, and upon verification by Material Exchange.

Suitable replacements are provided if conditions are met 😍

At Material Exchange, we know you have a busy schedule. Our goal is to make buying and selling excess inventory a painless process.

We also know that sometimes things get out of our control.

So, when things go wrong, you can rest assured that our company will support you. If our suitable replacement conditions are met, we’ll go out of our way to try and help you find what you’re looking for.