Material Exchange wants

to help Manufacturers succeed.

Every year, billions of dollars in produced raw materials are marked off as excess and later go unused; creating a variety of costly challenges for manufacturers. To reduce this burden, Material Exchange has developed a B2B marketplace solution that allows them to monetize excess raw inventory.

Thus, by providing software that can simplify the search and purchase of reduced cost materials, we help buyers and sellers eliminate waste by accurately buying the quantities they need with shorter lead times. Additionally, our users benefit from improved working capital, increased warehouse space, and decreased holding costs.

The disposal of excess raw materials is common practice throughout the manufacturing industry, however, it results in adverse economic and environmental effects. When disposing of materials, manufacturers typically write off the loss and receive 20-25ยข on the dollar. Alternatively, Material Exchange users can receive almost three times the return in cash, improving their financial health and sustainability.

As consolidation continues impacting the industry, small manufacturers feel the pressure of higher costs and minimum order quantities. Our platform focuses on improving market competitiveness and enhancing buying power. With a team of leading experts in technology and manufacturing, Material Exchange combines a wealth of knowledge and dedication to provide a tool that can strengthen a manufacturer's competitive edge in an enterprise dominant industry.